Health Information Exchange: from Theory to Practice

qConference 2021
Health Information Exchange: from theory to practice
qConference 2021
The topic of Health Information Exchange unites all participants in the healthcare sector, from software developers, heads of clinics and representatives of the ministry to the patients themselves.

In order to create a common information space for its implementation, it is important for participants to speak a common language and clearly see specific goals. We managed to bring together internationally recognized experts who are ready to share their own practical experience in solving such problems.

In two days of work, we will gain insight into the technical, legal and medical aspects of Health Information Exchange, talk about the difficulties of informatization in 2021 and determine how to overcome them.

We will discuss:
Effective use of big data in healthcare
Ensuring complete continuity of patient medical information
Use of budget funds and information development planning with long-term financial benefits
Taking the quality of medical care to the next level
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